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Private detective agency � Belgorod Investigation Service �, is a investigation agency in Belgod region ( Russia ), which provide high quality investigators services and private detective investigations to peoples from all countries of the world. Our clients is the peoples from various countries - USA (United States of America), Canada, Europe, China, Japan, Mexico, Turkey and etc. The coveragy of our detective agency � Belgorod Investigation Service �, is all cities and towns of Belgorod region ( Russia ):

Alekseevka, Borisovka, Belgorod, Valuiki, Veideleevka, Volokonovka, Graivoron, Gubkin, Ivnya, Khorocha, Krasnogvardeiskoe, Krasnoe, Noviy Oskol, Prokhorovka, Rakitnoe, Rovenki, Stariy Oskol, Stroitel, Chernyanka, Shebekino

Our private detective agency � Belgorod Investigation Service � provide all kinds of detective services and private investigations on territory of the Belgorod region, such as:

- background check in Belgorod
- complex background check Belgorod
- data verification Belgorod>
- adress verification Belgorod
- photo verification Belgorod
- surveillance Belgorod
- scam check Belgorod
- anti-scam investigations Belgorod
- people search Belgorod
- property search Belgorod
- other confidentional services

We are working with all categories of clients. Our prices is better than in other detective agencies, because all investigations and checks we do personnaly, and not re-cell the services from other agencies.

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